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Uri Geller Claims He Was Hired By The CIA To Help Investigate JFK's Assassination

Uri Geller Claims He Was Hired By The CIA To Help Investigate JFK's Assassination

He says his discoveries were 'shocking' and should be released to the public, along with many other documents

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

Uri Geller is perhaps best known by Brits as Cockney rhyming slang for a pint of Stella.

Because that anecdote ends in beer, you may well be pondering whether to abandon this article and just go for a pint (mmm, beer). But stick with me! For those not in the know, he's an illusionist and self-proclaimed psychic. The sceptics among you may already be interpreting that as 'a fraud', but come on, we've gotten this far.

With his career breakthrough occurring back in the 1970s, thanks to a lot of 'telekinetic' spoon-bending, he's remained fairly irrelevant for some time now - so it's about time he said something that reminds people he's still about. And right on cue, the Mirror reports that he's now claimed that he was hired by the CIA to help with the investigation into John F. Kennedy's assassination. Well, alright then, I'm convinced.

The 70-year-old is adamant that officials required his services to find out whether killer Lee Harvey Oswald, who shot Kennedy in 1963, acted alone or was helped.

Current president, Donald Trump, recently unsealed around 3,000 never-before-seen documents on JFK's assassination, which meant the Israeli-born Geller could finally reveal his involvement in the case. Other CIA files, release earlier this year, show documents relating to testing that was done on the illusionist.

On Facebook, he addressed his followers to explain how he came to be part of the investigation, even revealing how he became friends with First Lady Jackie Kennedy.

Credit: PA

He wrote: "As you know, for decades I wasn't able to talk about the secret testing the CIA carried out on me, until the CIA released millions of documents at the beginning of this year which included the files on me, and now I am extensively featured on the official CIA website.

"Something else is about to happen of a similar nature, due to President Trump's decision to declassify documents on the JFK assassination.

"The 'JFK Files' have remained secret since his assassination in 1963, and President Trump has revealed that he is not going to block their release.

"This means the National Archives must release the files by Thursday, which include over 3,000 previously top secret documents that have never been seen by the public, and another thirty thousand documents which were released but were redacted.

"What this means for me, is that for the first time in nearly 50 years, I can go public with my involvement in the investigation into the JFK assassination.

Geller, eating a bowl of Cornflakes with a spoon he bent. WITH HIS MIND. Credit: PA

"One of my roles included being a secret agent for the Mexican treasury department, and if you find this hard to believe, just watch the Secret Life of Uri Geller, here: - and forward the video to 47:40 to see the interview with US Customs special agent Charlie Koczka.

"A CIA agent in Mexico City tasked me among other assignments, with investigating whether Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone or had accomplices - including the backing of sub-national organisations such as the Mafia or international organisations such as the KGB.

"This assignment took me in the early 1970s, inter alia, to Mexico City to the Russian Embassy where Oswald had travelled shortly before he shot the American president."

Credit: PA

The personality is keen for these documents to be released, as he claims to know there are some shocking findings in them.

He regrettably says that if they aren't made public now, they never will be, meaning there's a strong chance we'll never know whether he's telling the truth about what Lee Harvey Oswald did.

He added: "I also met Jackie Kennedy at her apartment in New York. She had some involvement with the book URI that was written about me by Andrija Puharich, who had links to the CIA. I relayed these findings to her, since she was absolutely determined to discover the truth. She and I stayed in touch, and I still have correspondence from her.

"I wonder if I will also feature in the JFK files about to be released, as I did in the released CIA documents in January - or whether my involvement will be redacted, or totally left out because of the information I delivered to the agent in Mexico City. If this is the case, sadly I will never be able to reveal what I discovered, because it is quite shocking."

He provided links to the files that were published about the CIA 'experimenting' on him, which you can read, if you so wish, here and here, or watch one, here.

Is there anyone else that really can't help but be intrigued by this?

Featured Image Credit: PA

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