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Woman Ignores 29-Year Age Gap To Marry Ex-Husband's Stepfather

Woman Ignores 29-Year Age Gap To Marry Ex-Husband's Stepfather

Erica, 31, and Jeff, 60, say they are soulmates

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

A woman who married her ex-husband's stepdad - who is 30 years her senior - says she has found her soulmate, despite the age gap.

Erica Quiggle, 31, first met her now-husband Jeff, 60, when she was 16. She was friends with Jeff's stepdaughter and met her first husband - her friend's brother, Jeff's stepson.

But years later, when both of their relationships went wrong, the pair realised they had feelings for each other.


Erica, a stay-at-home mum from Kentucky, USA, was 19 when she married Justin, 38. The pair had a baby together, but they grew apart as they got older.

When she got divorced, her father-in-law Jeff, an engineer, offered her a shoulder to cry on.

Not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings, she tried to fight it, but in 2017, both of their respective marriages had ended. They ended up confessing their love for each other and going public.

The couple had their daughter, Brexlee, two, after they married in August 2018.

Erica pregnant with Brexlee on her wedding day.

Erica said: "It sounds scandalous, but we had this love we could not deny.

"Despite everything, our relationship now is perfect.

"Jeff is the young soul and I'm the old soul. He laughs when I say that, but it all worked out - and Justin was the most understanding person."

She shares custody of her son with ex Justin, who is now remarried and wishes the couple well.

Justin said: "Everything's all good now between us.

"There's no hatred there anymore. We talk about our son and we're both moving on with our lives."

Meanwhile, Jeff, who is not naming his ex-wife out of respect for her feelings, says he has found his soul mate in Erica.

He explained: "We really enjoy each other the way we are and we're going to enjoy the time we have.

"We've never looked at the age difference - we just fell in love the way we are."

She started dating Justin, who was 27 at the time and her friend's brother, before she married him at 19.

Erica's uncle officated the wedding.

She said: "I met up with him and we went on a date and for some reason getting married seemed like the right thing to do.

"His family and my family said we needed to do it and that we were perfect for each other."

But their relationship wasn't destined to last, with ambitious Erica realising she was different from home-bird Justin.

She said: "I was building a team and wanted to go on to be a director and travel and do something out of the ordinary.

"In a small town you don't have that many people who dream. It's not that he didn't want me to do it - but he didn't understand it.

"It was hard for us, as we couldn't connect on that level."

That was in late 2015, after which Jeff became her shoulder to cry on, until her marriage was finally over.

Meanwhile, Jeff's marriage to Justin's mother also came to an end in 2016.

Jeff and Erica with friends.

Jeff proposed just weeks after moving into their home and finding out they were having a child, while it was not a big romantic gesture, Erica said it's all she wanted.

"We were sitting out in the car one day and he was like, 'Do you want to marry me?' I was like, 'Duh'.

"It wasn't some romantic proposal, but it was exactly what we both wanted."

Erica's ex Justin gives the couple his blessing.

He said: "It's been a few years now since all of this happened, and I've left it behind me and moved on.

"Me and Erica have a kid together, and we think about him above everything else.

"We do what can to provide support for each other and keep things on the cool side.

"We have a pretty good relationship - and we have to make it work regardless for our son."

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