Woman Shows Simple Hack To Save Over £5000

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Woman Shows Simple Hack To Save Over £5000

A TikTok user has shared a simple trick to help you to save £5,000. Watch the video here:


As you can see, it's pretty easy - all you need is a coin jar, a piece of paper, some sticky labels and a pen. Oh - and a bit of extra cash.

Becky Turoczi, from Australia, demonstrates just how it works.


Firstly, she writes the numbers one to 100 on a piece of paper and tapes it to the jar.

In the video, you see her putting a 50 note in the jar, before putting a star sticker on the number 50 on the piece of paper with all the numbers on.

Essentially, the challenge means that savers pick a number from the list, put the amount in and put a sticker over each one. By the time you're done, you'll have £5,050.

Becky says that there's no time limit on when you add the money - but of course, consistency is key, so if you save maybe once a week, you can complete the saving challenge faster.


It's similar to another trick we saw a few weeks back.

The viral challenge, which has become known as the '2020 Envelope Challenge', requires a set of 100 envelopes, each labelled up from £1 to £100, or a denomination of your choice (the original hack was in US dollars).

Basically, you take 25 weeks - that's less than half a year, remember - and draw two envelopes twice a week (or four per week) at random.

Whatever the figure you draw, you have to deposit that amount of cash. That means that if you pull out - let's say - the £35 envelope, you've got to stick £35 in it, and so on and so forth.


Obviously, this whole thing requires you to have the kind of disposable income to put away a sum of anywhere between £10 and £394 a week, but if you're the kind of person who has that, and is maybe guilty of splashing the cash rather than putting it away for a rainy day, this could be the trick for you to save some dough.

That's because, by the time you reach the 25th week - provided you've not cheated or cut any corners - there will be £5,050 - or whatever denomination, remember - sitting in those envelopes ready for you to collect.

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