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You Can Actually Get A £1,000 Coin - But It'll Cost You A Lot More Than That

You Can Actually Get A £1,000 Coin - But It'll Cost You A Lot More Than That

The coin weighs a whopping 2kg and is made of solid silver

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A £1,000 coin actually exists - but it'll cost you a lot more than a grand to get your hands on one. You can see the huge coin in this video here:

The Koin Club TikTok account showed off its 'most expensive' coin and it did not disappoint.

The absolute whopper of a coin is encased in resin and, despite having a value of £1,000, actually costs £4,995.

In the clip, Koin Club explains: "Looked away inside the vault is this two kilogramm, solid silver one thousand pound Prince Philip coin.

"Yes, that's right - it has an actual spending value of one thousand pounds and it's huge.

"To buy this coin, it would cost you nearly five thousand pounds and there is only fifty made in the world."


As you imagine, the unusual coin has caused a bit of stir online, with one TikTok user asking: "Why would you pay £5k for £1k?"

Another joked: "Can you spend this in Asda?"

While someone else said: "If it's only worth £1,000 why would anyone spend more than that?"

The coin, which is on sale on the Royal Mint website, was designed to honour the life of the Duke of Edinburgh.

The coin are legal tender, but are not intended to enter circulation.

Announcing the special coin, the Royal Mint said: "Following the announcement of the passing of His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh on 9 April 2021, many reflected that his was a life well lived.

"A man of action and significant achievements, Prince Philip became a naval commander at a young age and provided steadfast counsel to Her Majesty The Queen throughout her reign. When his young wife first took on the role as monarch, the newly titled Duke of Edinburgh supported her, showing tireless dedication to his duty.

"This exemplary service was recognised by The Queen at the time of their 70th wedding anniversary in 2017, when he was appointed a Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order (GCVO).

"In honour of this remarkable man, The Royal Mint has created a coin to celebrate his life and legacy. The design features a portrait created by Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS that was personally approved by The Duke of Edinburgh in 2008."

Featured Image Credit: Royal Mint

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