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Employee Uses Island Boys Cameo Video To Help Quit Job

Employee Uses Island Boys Cameo Video To Help Quit Job

This is the best use of Cameo we've ever seen.

A dissatisfied employee hired the Island Boys on Cameo to tell their entire company that they’re quitting their job. The video has blown up on Twitter, with some saying this is the best use of Cameo they’ve ever seen - we’d have to agree.

The Island Boys continue to cash in on their internet fame and one of the ways they do this is making Cameo appearances. Franky and Alex - aka Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja - charge £144 for a private booking and £444 for a business booking on the platform. 

One employee felt this was money well spent. They hired the boys on Cameo to tell their company they were quitting their job.

Twitter user @rbxbex paid the rappers to film a Cameo video telling their company that they were quitting. They then dropped the video in the company-wide Slack channel.

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“So I hired the island boys to quit my job for me lmao,” said the Twitter user, sharing the video.

In the video, the twins adapt the lyrics to ‘Island Boy’ and sing “Just wanna let you know that Robert doesn’t work here anymore… ‘coz he’s an Island Boy.” You can watch it below.

The tweet of the video has had more than 3,000 likes and 600 shares with hundreds commenting with their admiration for it.

“This is the best use of a Cameo I’ve ever seen,” commented one Twitter user.

“Can I hire you?” wrote one user, to which @rbxbex replied: “If you’re serious, I’m probably gonna start looking in Jan.”

“This is f*****g glorious,” said another.

This comes days after the Floridian twin rappers released an official music video to the song which made them famous on TikTok - ‘I’m An Island Boy.’

The video divided the internet, with some making fun of the bizarre video while others admired the two youngsters for pursuing their passion.

The 20-year-olds are said to be worth around $100,000 collectively and they’ve actually turned down music deals, with Franky saying on TikTok he thinks they’re doing well enough without a record label. 

Featured Image Credit: Cameo

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