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Jeremy Clarkson Calls Out Man For Wearing A Tracksuit While Visiting Diddly Squat Farm

Jeremy Clarkson Calls Out Man For Wearing A Tracksuit While Visiting Diddly Squat Farm

The viral TikTok shows Jeremy Clarkson jokingly getting slightly wound up by a man wearing a tracksuit on Diddly Squat Farm

Jeremy Clarkson called out a man for wearing a tracksuit when visiting his Diddly Squat Farm. Watch below:

The viral vid was uploaded by Tom Wheaton and it shows Clarkson absolutely ripping into the TikToker.

After pointing the camera at The Grand Tour host who is grabbing a box out of his car, Tom asks: "What's this Jeremy?"

Clarkson responds: "Are you just going to put this on TikTok?"

Tom then says: "Yes."

Clarkson jokes: "Well that's going to cost you a lot of money."


That's when the former Top Gear star takes a look at what Tom is wearing and decides to completely rinse him.

Clarkson: "Why are you wearing a tracksuit?

"Everyone can see the outline of your penis.

"You look ridiculous. Go and get some [sic] clothing."



As expected, fellow TikTokers found it hilarious and were quick to weigh in with their thoughts.

"Bruh whoever filmed this got pure terrorised by Clarkson," one user wrote.

Another commented: "Nahhhh can't be violating man like Tom."

"This video is gold," a third added.

Someone else wrote: "He's not wrong tbf trackies aren't it."

"Love him," another user concluded.

The vid was uploaded two days ago (3 Dec) and has already racked up 764,000 views and 54,000 likes.

It was captioned: "Clarkson is a savage!! (egg plant emoji with an embarrassed face)."

Amazon Prime Video

Offering up a flavour of what we can expect from the next series of Clarkson's Farm, Amazon Prime Video said: "Viewers can expect a deeper insight into another year on Diddly Squat Farm as Jeremy aims to diversify, expanding his limited agricultural knowledge under the watchful eye of his no-nonsense team; tractor driver Kaleb, stone wall favourite Gerald, advisor 'Cheerful' Charlie, Clarkson's better-half-turned-farm-shop-keeper Lisa and many more.

"Series 2 promises to bring more laughs, triumphs and tribulations, and of course more farming faux pas, as we follow Jeremy & co on their agricultural adventure."

Dan Grabiner, head of UK originals at Amazon Studios, said: "Clarkson's Farm is Jeremy's unfiltered love letter to farming.

"It is that authenticity, charm and humour, combined with the farm's fantastic characters, which have made the series such a remarkable hit with audiences.

"We are delighted to be joining the team for another year-in-the-life of Diddly Squat, and wish Kaleb and farmers across the country luck as Mother Nature continues to take revenge on Jeremy."

Featured Image Credit: CONTENTbible

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