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Jimmy Carr Reveals The Only Place He Won't Go With A Joke

Jimmy Carr Reveals The Only Place He Won't Go With A Joke

In an interview with Jay Rayner comedian Jimmy Carr spoke about the one joke he would never make

Jimmy Carr has revealed the one place he wouldn't ever go with a joke.

The comedian recently went to lunch with food critic Jay Rayner as a part of his podcast series, Out To Lunch With Jay Rayner.

The critic asked Jimmy if he had 'ever set out to offend someone', to which the comedian responded with: "It's never the aim though, is it?

"You wouldn't do that with a joke, you'd do that with a remark."

Rayner then asked: "Is there anywhere you can't go with a joke?"

Out To Lunch With Jay Rayner

Carr said: "There's certain topics you can joke around but if you start calling out individuals and naming names, that becomes problematic and I'm very conscious of that.

"I don't know whether I'm terribly defensive about jokes. I try not to be. I've tried stuff that hasn't worked... Failed as a joke.

"So you could say, was that joke too much or not funny enough? It's a mix of the two."

The comedian also spoke about the moment he knew that he could do comedy forever.

He said: "I immediately knew that this was something I could lean into and spend my life doing and not get bored of.

"I found my, edge is the term I always use in the book. This is the thing that I can do best. Not better than anyone else, but better than anything else I could do.

Carr also revealed that he'd 'love to do more stuff in the States'.


He added: "I've done a couple of shows there and I can sell a pretty big theatre in most of the cities in America.

"Because of the way YouTube and Netflix is, people are aware of you globally.

"But I'd certainly be a bigger name in Canada and Australia and Poland and pretty much everywhere in Europe than I am in the States."

The 49-year-old sadly went in to detail about how he wakes up with a panic attack every morning.

Rayner asked: Did you have one this morning?"

"Yeah. I wake up with a bit of a start," Carr explained, "People deal with harder things... I think my stage persona would lead you to believe that this guy doesn't give a f**k cause you're doing one liners on stage, you're in a certain mode when you're doing that and it's a status thing on stage.

"But actually, it was a really horrible thing to go through."

Out to Lunch with Jay Rayner is available weekly on all podcast providers. 

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