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Kid From Side Eyes Meme Is Now A Football Champion

Kid From Side Eyes Meme Is Now A Football Champion

Dieunerst Collin went viral in 2013 as was known as 'Popeyes Meme Boy'

The kid who starred in one of the most popular memes of all time is now a school football state champion.

Dieunerst Collin was known as the 'Popeyes Meme Boy' and in 2013 was mistaken for Lil Terio after someone decided to share the footage on Vine, without knowing it would go absolutely viral.

The short clip racked up a mega 19 million views at the time, according to Fox 8.

The video was filmed in a Popeye’s and it shows Collin giving the cameraman a really awkward look after he mistakenly identified him as Lil Terio.

The meme became so popular that Popeye’s used it as a marketing tool.

Despite the meme continuing to be a big hit on socials, the kid is all grown up and posted celebrations of his championship win on his Twitter and Instagram.

Sharing a picture of himself holding the winning trophy, he wrote on Twitter: “STATE CHAMPS AND REGIONAL CHAMPS IT WAS A HONOR TO LEAD THIS OLINE THIS SEASON. SENIOR SZN HIGHLIGHTS COMING SOON”

Collin’s East Orange High School squad won the title following a dramatic triple-overtime victory.


In the game, a senior Ahmad Nalls returned a goal-line fumble 100 yards to put East Orange up over Clifton 30-24 for a title in the state of New Jersey.

The viral child star is now getting attention for something else, rather than a strange look he once gave.

He is now a 6-foot-1 and 315 lbs. senior offensive lineman, nicknamed 'killer whale' and was getting plenty of love in the comments section.

One wrote: "proud of you my boy."

A second added: "Legend."

Someone else commented: "Congratsss."

Whilst a fourth user said: “Bro! Wow! His meme is worldwide famous! Meme dude plays football (I didn’t know that) & has a NJ High School Football State Title too??? Respect”

Another added, “Dieunerst “Killer Whale” Collin from the legendary meme is a high school state champion… Feel old yet? Asking you a question Dieunerst “Killer Whale” Collin from the legendary meme”

“I had no idea that little Black boy from that meme at Popeyes was from Jersey lol,” wrote another surprised user.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/dieunerst

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