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A Third Of Returned Travellers In Victorian Hotel Quarantine Are Refusing To Take Covid-19 Test

A Third Of Returned Travellers In Victorian Hotel Quarantine Are Refusing To Take Covid-19 Test

Victoria has seen a spike in cases over the past week.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

It's been revealed that a third of people who have come into Victoria and are staying in hotel quarantine for two weeks are refusing to take a coronavirus test.

It's currently not mandatory for returned travellers or foreigners to take the test in the state however authorities do offer them tests several times a day.

Everyone who streams into the country is held in some form of official quarantine for a fortnight to ensure they don't have or spread the coronavirus.


But an interesting situation has unfolded in Victoria as the state grapples with a spike in cases.

Victoria's Deputy Chief Health Officer Annaliese van Diemen said around 30 per cent of people being held in quarantine aren't taking a test.

Authorities are worried that it means the state's official Covid-19 tally isn't accurate.

She said during a press conference: "At the moment, there is not a requirement that they must undertake testing. Everyone is offered testing on multiple occasions throughout their stay."

There have been 30 people test positive for the virus overnight, five of which came from hotel quarantine. Regardless of their health status, people must stay in the quarantine for two weeks before they're allowed to leave.

However, the announcement that testing is optional has angered some in the community.

The spike in cases in Victoria, with more than 100 over the past seven days, has prompted fears of a second wave. Authorities are trying to contact trace as many positive tests as possible, however there are still some community transmissions that are unexplained.

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