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Abbie Chatfield Hilariously Shuts Down People Who Are Hesitant About Covid-19 Vaccine

Abbie Chatfield Hilariously Shuts Down People Who Are Hesitant About Covid-19 Vaccine

The reality TV star and podcaster urged people to shut up about their opinions.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Abbie Chatfield has had a gutful of people complaining about the coronavirus vaccine.

Mixed messaging, poor lobbying from the federal government, state vs federal bickering and social media misinformation have been some of the many reasons why our vaccine rollout has been so bad.

With parts of South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria in lockdown due to a nasty outbreak of the Delta variant, many are begging to get the jab.

However, there's still a portion of the population who are still against the vaccine for a variety of reasons.

The Bachelor Australia star Abbie Chatfield has taken aim at some people who are resisting getting vaccinated.

"If you don't want the vaccine, I don't want to hear about it," she said on a recent episode of her podcast. "I don't want to hear your reasoning. I don't care.

"I'm getting the vaccine and you need to stop telling people you don't want the vaccine, because who the f**k are you to say 'yeah I just don't trust it'.

"I know you do ketamine."

She's clearly unimpressed with some of her mates or followers who try to convince her not to get the vaccine.

Abbie continued mocking skeptics who say 'I don't trust the vaccine your research. There's something weird going on with the vaccine'.

"There's something weird in your MDMA you take every f**king weekend," she said with eyes glaring at the camera.

Ms Chatfield is essentially saying that anyone who does drugs should not have a single complaint about the Covid-19 vaccine because at least the jab has been through stringent testing and approval.

Who knows if your naughty dust is even the real deal or some synthetic and dangerous nonsense.

She followed it up with a caption for a video on Instagram, which said: "How r u gonna say you don't trust the vaccine when you take substances made by bikies every weekend tho?"


But if you want advice about the vaccine from an actual doctor, then keep reading.

Dr Zac Turner explained on a News Corp article about how the AstraZeneca vaccine is relatively safe when you compare it to other worldly things.

"Did you know the risk of blood-clotting when taking the female contraception pill is 1 in 1000, while the risk with the AstraZeneca vaccine is 1 in 100,000?" the doctor said.

"You don't see media campaigns blaming politicians about the pill being available for Australian women, do you? The risk of dying from Viagra is 1 in 20,000 but men still take it daily.

"If you want to talk numbers, the chance of dying from being struck by lightning is 1 in 138,849, sunstroke is 1 in 8,248, a pedestrian incident is 1 in 543 and cancer is 1 in 7.

"Remember - 30,000 Australians have blood clots every year, that's 82 a day. It's all about perspective."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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