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Aldi Australia Is Selling That Hanging Egg Chair Again Just In Time For Spring

Aldi Australia Is Selling That Hanging Egg Chair Again Just In Time For Spring

Spring is here for most of us and that means warmer weather, longer days and hopefully some fun in the sun.

If you've been sprucing up your backyard during lockdown and need something that will allow you to relax in the great outdoors comfortably then Aldi Australia has you covered.

The low-cost supermarket is flogging that hanging egg chair again but this time it's on the Special Buys program.

The item has been a hot ticket product ever since it first debut and no doubt shoppers will be lining up in their dozens outside their local Aldi to get their hands on one of them.


The chair will set you back a cool $199, which might sound steep but it's pretty decent when you compare it to other ones.

Aldi has released a statement for its Victorian customers and (spoiler alert) you won't be happy.

"Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have removed this Special Buys product from our Victorian metro stores in Stage 4 lockdown," the company said. "This is due to the nature of the product being heavy and requiring two people to safely lift the product."

But for everyone else, these bad boys will hit the store on Saturday September 26.

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If you're full to the brim of hanging egg chairs (can I see your home please) then fear not as Aldi will also be selling some more outdoor furniture to get you excited for spring and summer.

There's a three-piece multifunction seating set that you cost you $499. You can split it, join it together, make it look all fancy and fit with your outdoor surroundings.

"Be the envy of your friends converting from a conversational setting to sun lounger in a flash," Aldi said.

Sadly for Victorians, this also won't be sold to you.


They'll also be flogging another round of those outdoor pizza ovens for just $179, which is perfect for every BBQ.

It comes with a removable ashtray draw with handle, built-in damper in chimney to regulate heat and includes pizza stone, cooking grill and charcoal grate.

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