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Aldi Australia Is Serving Up A Fire Pit For Less Than $100

Aldi Australia Is Serving Up A Fire Pit For Less Than $100

You'll be able to stay warm outside while you cook up dinner.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

There's no denying that the days are getting colder and we're starting to shiver through winter.

Depending on where you are in Australia, 'winter' can mean dipping slightly below 20C degrees or it could mean sub-zero temperatures. Either way, you'll still be feeling the pinch and dusting off that puffy jacket.

But if you've been craving sitting in your backyard and enjoying a few beers under the night's sky but can't bear the cold, then there might be a solution.

Aldi Australia, the kings and queens in offering free stuff just when we need it, have come through with a delicious little offer.

It is now slinging a decent looking outdoor fire pit for $99.99.

Aldi Australia

They went on sale yesterday (Wednesday, June 3) and, like all Aldi Special Buys products, they will likely fly off the shelves.

The black, metal pit is able to withstand temperatures of up to 500C degrees, meaning your fire can burn pretty hot. Best not to stand too close to it otherwise you risk burning all the hair on your head. The pit comes with a side handle 'for easy movement', a mesh cap, BBQ cooking grill and a fire poker.

So, if you're not only keen on staying warm outside, you can also fire up some juicy, chargrilled steaks or other meat on the griller.

But if you don't want the fire pit because you either live inside an apartment and that could spell big problems for your, or that you don't like being outside in winter (don't worry, you're not alone), then Aldi Australia has a bunch of other winter related stuff for the Special Buys program.

You can get heated blankets, a hooded snuggle blanket, and a variety of different types of heaters.

Featured Image Credit: Aldi Australia

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