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American Crowd Goes Wild As Aussie UFC Star Does A Shoey After Winning

American Crowd Goes Wild As Aussie UFC Star Does A Shoey After Winning

Tai 'BamBam' Tuivasa came into the arena with 'Barbie Girl' playing and then wowed the crowd with a shoey.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Americans have gone understandably wild after an Aussie UFC fighter celebrated his win with a shoey.

Tai 'BamBam' Tuivasa absolutely decked his Brazilian opponent, Augusto Sakai, with a hectic knockout during their match at the UFC 269 preliminaries.

The Sydney-born legend won his fight in the second round at T-Mobile arena and he wanted to show Americans how Aussies like to party.

He jumped up on the octagon fence and had someone from his team throw up a shoe and a beer.

Tuivasa cracked it open, poured it into the shoe and drank the delicious liquid with pride while the whole crowd roared with applause and cheer.

The commentators were loving it as they saw the champion skol his drink.

One of them remarked: "There's the shoe. I've never seen so many people cheer for a man to drink a beer out of a shoe."

The other replied: "They want the shoey. They love the shoey out here."

Then to up the ante, Tai then posed with the Aboriginal flag alongside his team, which makes everyone in Australia damn proud that he's showing off his heritage on the world stage.

He even had 'Barbie Girl' as his entrance song. This is an icon in the making.

It's Tuivasa's fourth straight UFC knockout win and he's now eyeing off his next opponent. But for now, he's going to savour the win.

"That's my drug," Tuivasa told reporters after his victory over the weekend. "I love it. This is why I do this. I do this for the fans.

Px Images/Alamy Live News

"I do this to entertain and have fun, and it's a feeling you can only get by doing that, you know what I mean? I've said it before, and that's what keeps me going.

"I do this to entertain, and I love it. I love my walkouts. I love the cameras. I love the lights. I love knocking people out. I love it."

He added that he's hungry for more.

"Hopefully, these four consecutive wins and four knockouts get me in in a better conversation for a bigger contract," Tuivasa said.

"I'm a prize fighter. I do this to feed my family and give my son a better future, so hopefully that gets me in that conversation, but as much as fighting comes, I'll bang on with anyone."

Featured Image Credit: Px Images/Alamy Live News

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