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Americans Chant 'Save Australia' During Anti-Vaxx Rally In New York City

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Americans Chant 'Save Australia' During Anti-Vaxx Rally In New York City

Americans have bizarrely chanted they want to 'save Australia' during an anti-vaccine rally in New York City.

The group rallied in Brooklyn earlier this week against vaccine mandates that have been introduced to keep residents in Covid-19 affected areas safe.

Thousands marched into Manhattan chanting phrases like 'We the people will not comply' and 'Let us teach'.

The crowd eventually settled outside the Australian consulate and repeatedly chanted 'save Australia' while people waved banners and Aussie flags.


One person who gave a speech yelled: "What's going on in Australia is not just going to be Australia. And when it shows up on our doorsteps, we're gonna punch it right in the f*****g teeth."

Another said: "We're holding the line for Australia, we support Australia!"

It's a strange occurrence especially when you consider that one in 20,000 Aussies have died from coronavirus compared to one in 500 in America. If anything its us that should be teaching them.


The group wasn't just marching to save our precious souls though. They were also getting together to rally against the mandatory vaccine requirement for New York City teachers.

While around 95 per cent of teachers have complied with the order, there have been a small minority who have refused to get the jab and some of those 4,000-odd people wanted to protest through NYC to make their concerns heard.

Credit: Jorge Fuentelsaz/EFE/Alamy Live News
Credit: Jorge Fuentelsaz/EFE/Alamy Live News

Attention on Australia's handling of the coronavirus pandemic has jumped in the US thanks to conservative commentators like Fox News' Tucker Carlson.


He told his viewers: "In Australia, most of the lockdowns are in the eastern part of the country, that's where the capital of the country is, that's where the Federal government has the most control.

"The western part, the less populated part of Australia, meanwhile, which is home to most of the country's national resources isn't locked down at all. Fifty thousand fans just crowded inside a stadium for a rugby match in Perth, the capital of Western Australia. No one was beaten with night sticks or hosed by the police."

Florida governor Ron DeSantis even questioned whether Australia is freer than China.

Additionally, legendary podcaster Joe Rogan has been saying it's 'crazy' what is happening in Australia in regards to lockdowns.


He said in one episode back in August: "They have full-on government lockdowns where the government is flying helicopters over the streets (and telling people) 'go back in doors, you're not allowed to be outside', which is crazy."

It's not really that unbelievable that we have police trying to keep people sticking to the health orders that have been cooked up to keep us from getting the coronavirus. Sure, some people might not like the harsh measures but they're not really 'crazy'.

Featured Image Credit: Jorge Fuentelsaz/EFE/Alamy Live News

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