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Anthony Mundine Implies He's A Better Athlete Than Tom Brady And Don Bradman

Anthony Mundine Implies He's A Better Athlete Than Tom Brady And Don Bradman

He's compared himself to the likes of Tom Brady and Don Bradman and still thinks he's better.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Boxer Anthony Mundine has implied he's a better athlete than quarterback Tom Brady and cricketer Dom Bradman.

The former WBA super middleweight and IBO middleweight world champion has signed up to fight Michael Zerafa at Bendigo Stadium next month and he believes he's got what it takes to overcome the near 20-year age gap.

He's competed in 58 fights in his time, as well as a successful career in the NRL, and he believes that track record means he's one of the best athletes around.


"My legacy will never be spoilt," he told the Daily Mail. "What I did was unprecedented. No-one has done what I've done, and it probably won't ever be done again."

When asked how he compared to the likes of NFL superstar Tom Brady, who recently celebrated his seventh Super Bowl win, Mundine reckons he shouldn't be considered great because he plays in a team sport.

"I know he's a quarterback and everyone is saying he's the greatest because he's done something that no-one has done before, but to me in a sport like that, you have to ask about the soldiers he's got around him," he said.

Anthony even compared himself to the legendary Donald Bradman, who recently topped Daily Mail columnist Piers Morgan's list of the greatest sportsmen of all time.

The iconic Australian cricketer is well known across Australia and has been etched into the history books as a brilliant batsman. But Mundine still seems to believe he is better.


"He's definitely up there, he's a great, I'm not saying he's not. What's his average, 99-something? But that's just at one sport. Anyone can be great at one sport, but to me, if you're talking about sheer athleticism you have to do it in more than one sport," he told the Daily Mail.

He believes the reason why he should be revered so highly is because of his ability to crossover sports.

"To conquer the sport I grew up on, and then to change sports and go to the heights I did in my second sport just doesn't happen, bro," he added.

"To get to the top of boxing, which is one of the most gruelling sports there is, and to do it in rugby league too...not too many people play rugby league around the world, but it's a battlefield man."

Mundine even reckons he was close to clinching a US college basketball spot if he had time.

Featured Image Credit: Anthony Mundine/Facebook

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