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Aussie 5-Year-Old Ordered $1,200 Worth Of Messina Through His Dad’s Uber Eats

Aussie 5-Year-Old Ordered $1,200 Worth Of Messina Through His Dad’s Uber Eats

There were seven cakes, six boxes of ice cream, 14 jars of Dulce de Leche spread and much more.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Gelato Messina is God-tier level ice cream in Australia and it seems like one five-year-old boy wanted to get everything on the menu before Christmas.

The cheeky kid apparently used his dad's Uber Eats app to order a tub or two and it ended up costing the family hundreds of dollars.

Gelato Messina revealed the tall tale in their Instagram Stories and it's wild to say the least.

A text message explained how the kid accessed his parent's phone to order whatever a five-year-old could ever want in one sitting.

Gelato Messina/Instagram

The order included a whopping 14 jars of Dulce de Leche spread, seven cakes, five bottles of milk and six boxes of their delicious ice cream.

That was all that Messina posted on their IG Story and they claimed there was much more in the order that the dad had to give away to his mates.

The receipt for the whole order looked like it would stand taller than the boy and the price tag was literally jaw-dropping.

The kid's antics ended up costing the dad $1,200.

From the sounds of things, it looks like the father had to just cop the cost and insist on eating everything so that it doesn't go to waste.

At least he'd be able to rock up to any silly season party with some delicious treats up his sleeve.

Every Secret Santa that dad had for Christmas would be sorted and you'd know that it's top notch quality ice cream, milk or spread.

Gelato Messina/Instagram

You can probably guess that the dad will be changing the code on his phone very fast to ensure his cheeky kid doesn't manage to do that again.

But it's not too uncommon for kids to use their parent's phones and accidentally spend a lot of money.

A two-year-old from San Diego went viral two years ago for purchasing an entire three-seater sofa from Amazon while playing with her mum's device.

Mother-of-two Isabella McNeil got a nasty surprise when she received a notification saying her brand new sofa was being shipped out. At first, she came to the rational conclusion that she'd 'ordered it in her sleep'.

Toddler Buys Sofa Using Her Mum's Amazon Account
NBC San Diego

She then realised that she'd previously given her phone to her daughter, Rayna to keep her occupied.

Rayna then had a little browse and picked the best shade of sofa to match the rest of the decor and bought it using the 'buy it with one click' button.

At least it was practical?

The mother-of-two said: "She grabbed my phone like she usually does to play with it and the Amazon app was still open and she hit the buy now with 1 click button by accident.

"I didn't realise it until I got a notification saying your couch has shipped [at] which point I couldn't cancel in time."

Unfortunately the the time Isabella put two and two together, a giant box turned up at her front door.

Featured Image Credit: Gelato Messina/Instagram

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