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Aussie In Hysterics As British Partner Opens Milo Tin With A Can Opener

Aussie In Hysterics As British Partner Opens Milo Tin With A Can Opener

It's blasphemous against Australia.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

There are loads of things that Australians hold dear to them that people from other countries just don't understand.

Our Vegemite, pavlovas, love of dropping the C-bomb, national debates about whether onions go on top or underneath the sausage, and Southern Cross tattoos are just some of the things that are unique to us.

One Australian was left in hysterics after noticing his British partner had had a bit of a stuff-up while trying to navigate the humble Milo tin.

Pretty much every Aussie will have had or at least encountered Milo before and knows that you just pop the lid off the tin with a spoon and start scooping that delicious dust into your glass.

But for this Brit, they thought you had to break open the tin with a goddamn can opener.

It's understandable when you look at a tin of something you've never seen before and naturally gravitate towards a traditional method. You can imagine the look on the Australian person's face when they saw what had gone down in the kitchen.

The pictures were uploaded to Reddit, with the poster claiming they would either have to make the biggest Milo ever created or find somewhere else to put it.

"We're now the only people I know to have their milo in a jar," they wrote.

People looking at the pictures on social media reckon this is an accidental but blasphemous act against Australia.

One person wrote: "Send 'em to Manus. This is a disgraceful insult to our way of life."

Another added: "If any of that gets wasted, you're officially an enemy of the state."

A third said: "000 what's your emergency? I've just witnessed a brutal murder, please send help!"

Loads of others suggested the Aussie needs to dump the UK partner pronto, however that seems a little extreme. There's no word on what the Australian person did but hopefully it involved a calm lesson on Milo tin opening, followed by a large, warm or hot glass of Milo.

That's the only way they'll learn.

Featured Image Credit: RodgerRamjetthe4th/Reddit

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