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Aussie Leaves The Most Australian Instructions To Get Their Pizza Delivery

Aussie Leaves The Most Australian Instructions To Get Their Pizza Delivery

It's very clear and simple

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Generally, getting food delivered is a fairly straightforward business - but some living situations mean that you have to fill in the dreaded 'delivery instructions' box, to indicate that your doorbell is broken, or the entrance to your abode is down an alley, or whatever.

Basically, you have to have some tips to give to the delivery driver to ensure that your meal doesn't get lost along the way. You might say 'Leave it on the porch' or 'You have to jimmy the latch a few times', or you could do what one very keen Australian did.

In a bid to help out their delivery driver, they provided very clear instructions about what they should do when they arrive.


The order was posted on Reddit by u/rohanrag, where it's received thousands of upvotes and hundreds of comments.

The simple instructions state: "No doorbell. Yell oi c*** really loud."

To be fair, it sounds like a pretty decent way to signal an Australian when you don't know their name or can't get in contact with them.

A Reddit user replying to the post wrote: "Well the food might not go to the correct person, but someone will come and get it fairly sharpish."

Another added: "The beautiful thing is that for the rest of the world this is completely ok behaviour for Australians. It's like we have them all trained on our vocabulary and no one bats an eye. But if some random American is like 'Oi c***!' They get the boot."

One person accurately summed up why the word is so prolific in Australia, especially when it's so taboo in other English-speaking countries.

"People are very confused about how that word gets used in Australia. It's a curse word. It's among the worst, most-hated curse words," they said.

"Some guys definitely use it amongst themselves, just as guys everywhere call their friends f***heads, or whatever. So yeah, it can be used as a term of endearment. But it's not used all the time the way some people think."

Sadly, it's not known which pizza restaurant received the order, or whether the delivery driver actually obeyed the instructions. We're hoping and praying all the neighbours got to hear a person screaming those two words at the top of their lungs a couple of times.

We also hope the recipient of the pizza tipped generously for the trouble.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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