Aussie 'Lollipop Lady' Sends Brutal Message To Her Former Teachers


Aussie 'Lollipop Lady' Sends Brutal Message To Her Former Teachers

An Aussie teenager has savaged her teachers who told her the only way to make decent money was to go to university.

Alexandra Carnovalee has been working as a road traffic controller (or lollipop lady as they're affectionately known as) and has managed to rack up an impressive amount of money.

In a bid to show how there are plenty of ways to make a living instead of pursing tertiary education, the 18-year-old posted a video to her TikTok account.


Standing in high-vis alongside a colleague, the teen captioned the video: "Teachers: 'go to uni or else you will be poor'."

They start dancing as another caption flashes onto the screen that says: "We just made double your pay check by standing outside your house."

She copped some negative messages in the comments section, particularly from teachers who said they don't condone that type of warning to students.

Alexandra put out another statement clarifying where she was coming from with the video, which has racked up more than a million views.


"To clarify, this video is just a trend. I'm not putting anyone down for going to uni!" she said. "Don't drop out of school to do this please! Do whatever makes you happy!"

She said the traffic controller job was something temporary for her to make money and isn't her lifelong career goal.

The 18-year-old told her followers that anyone can do the same job after they complete some courses and an exam.

Alexandra isn't the only person in her profession to brag about how much they've made by directing traffic around worksites.


Chloe Taouk posted a video to her TikTok account to explain how her weekly salary was made.

She claimed to rake in nearly $500 for a lengthy 12 hour shift on the site and a little more than $400 for a 10.5 hour shift.

Chloe explained how sometimes she has to work for up to 14 hours or as little as 15 minutes (which she copped $149 for that short shift).


In one week, after slogging it out for nearly 58 hours, the lollipop lady brought home $2,949. She didn't indicate whether this was gross or net income and whether tax had already been included, however, either way, it sure is a hell of a decent salary.

News Corp reports when you average it out, including penalty rates for weekend work, it equates to around $50 per hour.

It's estimated that road traffic controllers can make an average of $130,000 per annum however in some roles you can get up to $180,000 depending on the type of work, hours done and location. Not a bad way to make money.

Featured Image Credit: Alexandra Carnovalee/TikTok

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