Aussie Men Scream At Teenagers Playing Loud Music On Packed Train


Aussie Men Scream At Teenagers Playing Loud Music On Packed Train

Two men have been filmed screaming at a group of teenagers for reportedly playing their music too loud on a train.

A video uploaded to TikTok shows one irate bloke get up off his seat on the Sydney carriage service and walk over to the group.

He tells them in no uncertain terms that he'd like them to either turn their music off or put it down to a level that isn't affecting other passengers.

It's clear the teens weren't really impressed with the request and that's when things really popped off.


"Turn the music down...turn it down, turn it down. I'm sick of your s**t," the angry passenger said.

"Turn it down or I'm going to jam it up your a**."

Credit: TikTok
Credit: TikTok

It looks like he tried to take the phone off the teen owner and turn the music off himself, however he doesn't manage to grab it properly.


He then reveals this isn't the first time he's asked the group to address the music volume.

"I warned you. I f***ing warned you, you're not in your school grounds anymore, you're on a train with adults," the man said.

Another man comes up and yells: "You're not in the playground anymore. Learn your lesson.

"Do you understand? We warned you nicely. Now you should get the message."


While there are no specific rules when it comes to playing music, Transport for NSW does have an etiquette guide for people.

That guide says passengers should 'use headphones with mobile devices and keep the volume down' as well as 'speak quietly when on the phone'.

If you want to avoid being in a carriage that might have rowdy or loud people, you should try to aim for the first, last and two middle carriages of an 8-carriage train, the first and last carriages of a 4-carriage train, the last carriage of a 2-carriage train.

Those Quiet Carriages are on the Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands, South Coast, Central Coast & Newcastle, and Hunter Lines and help keep the peace.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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