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Aussie OnlyFans Model Reveals The Weirdest Requests She Gets From Fans

Stewart Perrie


Aussie OnlyFans Model Reveals The Weirdest Requests She Gets From Fans

An Australian OnlyFans model has revealed some of the most bizarre requests she gets from fans.

Renee Gracie is one of the most popular content creators Down Under after she made the shock career change from Supercars racer to X-rated model.

She is now raking in sometimes as much as six figures every single month after building up a bevy of followers who lap up her content.

While her profile says she's up for doing pretty much anything that her fans ask of her, there is a line she won't cross.


Speaking with News Corps' Kinda Sorta Dating podcast, Renee revealed: "Generally anything that breaks the law or is illegal I won't do.

"Things in public or people do ask for things that are quite extreme - so anything that's going to get me in trouble or breaks the law, I'm not going to do."

The model said people get caught up in the 'porn star world' and ask her to do things that are probably fake.


Podcast host Jana Hocking asked, out of all the requests that she gets sent from her fans, is there anything that she's uncomfortable with but will still do.

Renee certainly didn't hold back and explained how even in her line of work that are some things she just can't wrap her head around.

"I would say things like armpits - like licking armpits and stroking armpits and stuff like that; farting videos I still find very weird - there's one or two from time to time," she said.


"People have asked me to smash up bananas with my feet.

"So there's a few things still that I don't quite understand why people want them or what the desire is to getting those videos from me, but I still do them."

The world is a curious, bizarre and intriguing place and everyone has that thing that they like or want to see. So, it's no surprise that Renee would get asked to do a bunch of left-of-field things.

She also explained how incredible things have been for her since she got into the industry.


Renee didn't think there was going to be much demand for her content, however she knew there would be some diehard Supercars supporters who would follow her from Instagram to OnlyFans.

Add in a few news articles and Renee's daily uploads, and she's now seeing hundreds of thousands of dollars fly into her account throughout the year.

Featured Image Credit: Renee Gracie/Instagram

Topics: News, Weird, Australia

Stewart Perrie
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