Aussie Restaurant Launches 1kg Pizza Burger Challenge And It’s A Lot Of Food


Aussie Restaurant Launches 1kg Pizza Burger Challenge And It’s A Lot Of Food

An Australian restaurant is really pushing the boundary of food challenges by mashing two beloved meals together.

Sneakies Kitchen in Sydney has challenged people to try and devour their legendary one kilogram pizza burger within 15 minutes.

If they manage to complete the task, they'll get the meal for free. If not, then they have to fork out $50 for the heart-stopping meal.

The meal consists of two full-sized pizzas, four beef patties, two fried chicken fillets, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and special sauce. Essentially, it's a massive burger and the buns are two whole pizzas.


Yeah - it's a lot of food. This isn't for the faint-hearted.

It's available every day of the week, however the restaurant runs a competition on Friday and Saturday nights that will give competitors an extra $50 on their returned cash if they can eat the massive food combo the fastest.

The pizza-burger has given Sneakies a massive reputation and the restaurant absolutely loves seeing people come through their doors in an attempt to down it in the allotted time.


"It sounds good, looks good and tastes awesome," Sneakies recently wrote on Instagram. "How far it has come is amazing.

"A unique product, which inspired us to serve it in a unique way.

"Having fun and engaging our guests as best we can."


The challenge has been around since October last year and many have attempted it.

Loads of people have commented on their social media posts, with some literally salivating at the sheer sight of the meal while others try not to dry retch at the thought of that much food.

One person commented, saying: "Now THIS was a challenge! Essentially two cheese pizzas, two double cheeseburgers and two fried chicken burgers in one."

Another added: "I'I love pizza and burgers, but that's too much for me. I am full looking at it.


A third simply replied: "Noooo, no. I am Italian. No."

Featured Image Credit: Sneakies Kitchen/Instagram

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