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Aussies Accused Of Mocking Aboriginal Culture During Dance At Wedding

Aussies Accused Of Mocking Aboriginal Culture During Dance At Wedding

Indigenous advocates have called out the problematic behaviour and say it reeks of 'coloniser energy'.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

A group at a Queensland gathering have been called out for appearing to mock Aboriginal culture during a dance.

Footage was uploaded to Snapchat before being picked up by Indigenous influencer Sari-Ella Thaiday.

Ms Thaiday reshared the video to her tens o thousands of followers on TikTok and she called out their problematic behaviour.

She encouraged people to share the clip because 'they're at it again', and added 'Mossman locals mocking Aboriginal culture'. She later said it screamed of 'Coloniser energy'.

Many people were shocked by what they saw, with one person saying: "The fact that people think this is okay."

Another added: "Some people have no respect."

Sari-Ella Thaiday/TikTok

The situation escalated when influencer and former Bachelor star Abbie Chatfield shared the same clip to her social media account.

She explained how the people pictured in the clips have reportedly received threats in the wake of the video going viral.

However, she double-downed on why it's important to call these instances out.

In a series of clips on her Instagram story, Chatfield explained: "Instead of holding people accountable and making sure that people know that it isn't okay...we need to now worry about these racist people being a bit upset that they're now getting hate?"

"We have a huge issue with race in this country and the fact that these people cannot see that their little 'jokes' around Aboriginal and Torres Strait culture ... s*** like this only perpetuates it, only allows it and opens the door for more insidious s***.

"When you allow this and don't speak out on this it perpetuates the entire notion Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are not worth respecting, which they f***ing are.

"I'm sick of this bulls*** of gaslighting minorities and this idea that people should be protected after they were racist."

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Featured Image Credit: Sari-Ella Thaiday/TikTok

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