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Aussies Horrified As Nooses Were Carried During Anti-Vaccine Protest In Melbourne

Aussies Horrified As Nooses Were Carried During Anti-Vaccine Protest In Melbourne

Many are concerned how dark the anti-vaxx movement is getting.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Another anti-vaccination protest erupted in Melbourne over the weekend.

There were the regular scenes of angry Australians carrying signs rallying against the state's controversial vaccine mandates.

However, there was something that was new to this demonstration.

A protestor was seen carrying a structure that was sporting three nooses, indicating they wanted to hang the people responsible for making the rules in Victoria.

It was a startling and confronting addition to the anti-vaccination movement in the state as people are now wishing physical harm and death on policymakers.

Pictures of the structure went viral on Twitter and it sparked a lot of concern. Some also compared it to the images from the January 6 Insurrection when a noose was displayed outside the Capitol building.

The protest occurred on Saturday (November 13) on the same day Victoria's new vaccine mandates kicked into gear.

The rule requires all construction workers to have received both doses of an approved Covid-19 vaccine in order to continue working.

People who gathered for the rally were also demonstrating against the state's new piece of proposed legislation that will change the way the state government approaches pandemic-related restrictions.

Protestors said they were there on behalf of the 'brave victims of satanic ritual abuse' and called on the state government to 'save our children' and 'end medical totalitarianism'.

United Australia MP Craig Kelly was one of the many people who spoke at the rally and he continued pushing anti-vaxx rhetoric.

"We are in the face of tyranny and corruption. I have decided to take a stand like many of you have here today - I hear you," he said.

"We are no longer governed for the people or by the people. We're being governed by insane medical bureaucrats."

The protest nor the presence of the noose has been condemned by the Prime Minister as of yet.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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