Aussies Threaten To Boycott Snickers After Finding Out They're Made In China


Australians have reacted in horror to discovering their beloved Snickers are made in China.

The revelation was laid bare in a TikTok video, where a shopper was perusing through the shopping aisles at his local Woolies and landed on the famous chocolate.

Melbourne man Jeremy Toh uploaded the video to his social media account asking whether anyone else knew the nutty chocolate bar was no longer being produced Down Under.

He picked up one of the bars at the supermarket and twisted it to the backside. Sure enough, it says it as clear as day: 'Made in China. Imported by Mars Chocolate Australia'.

Jeremy wasn't alone in being shocked by the revelation, with the comments section showing many viewers saying they will boycott the brand now that it's being brewed overseas.

One person wrote: "I bought some yesterday and they are made in China. I will never buy another Snickers again. I'm sure many people feel this way."

Another added: "No more Snickers for me now."

It appears this has been going on for months as the company upgrades its production house in Ballarat, Victoria.

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To remedy the partial shutdown, Mars Wrigley has switched to importing the choccy from their Jiaxing facility near Shanghai, China, according to a statement from December last year.

A statement from the company (via Perth Now) said: "A Mars production site looks and operates the same no matter where it is in the world - and our Jiaxing facility is no exception.

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"No jobs have been impacted as we carry out these upgrades, and we are working hard to return SNICKERS production to Australia early next year," they said.

The spokesperson added that the Australian facility remains an 'important manufacturing base'.

During the pandemic last year, many Australians called on each other to pick foods and products that were made in the country to support homegrown producers.

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An overwhelming majority of people who responded to a YouGov survey last year said they want more products made in Australia.

Nearly 90 per cent of people reckon Australia needs to be less reliant on imported products from places like China.

A further 68 per cent of respondents said they would be actively looking for products that have the Australian Made logo attached to it.

Another question asked whether people supported infrastructure projects using Australian products even if it meant the project would be more expensive and 86 per cent of people agreed.

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