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Aussies Weigh In On Their Favourite Jaffle Combos

Hannah Blackiston


Aussies Weigh In On Their Favourite Jaffle Combos

Is there any other better food than jaffles?

The perfect combination of bread, cheese and some sort of sauce, delicately toasted in a little metal nest to create that crunchy triangle shape we all love.

When it comes to jaffle filling there are a few essentials in my books - you need a sauce of some kind to keep everything nice and *moist*, or at least something that's going to bring some sort of moisture to the whole thing.

Olekcii Mach / Alamy Stock Photo
Olekcii Mach / Alamy Stock Photo

You need cheese, this is absolutely not optional.

I'm very partial to a leftover bolognese and cheese toastie, but I would never say no to a cheese and tomato.

One legend on Reddit decided to open this question up to the brains trust of the internet, just in time for you to make a hungover jaffle on New Year's Day.

"I'm partial to last night's spaghetti, or a pizza jaffle with cheese, onions, olives, salami & tomato sauce," said one user who is absolutely speaking my language.

Karen Cowled / Alamy Stock Photo
Karen Cowled / Alamy Stock Photo

But a response from another user took things to a whole new, and amazing, level.

"Pizza jaffles with puff pastry instead of bread are also delicious."

Puff pastry in the jaffle maker? Sign me up, that sounds absolutely incredible.

Someone suggested after this you could follow that up with an apple pie jaffle on the puff pastry or even a Nutella one and I will never be able to stop thinking about this.

Dmytro Bartosh / Alamy Stock Photo
Dmytro Bartosh / Alamy Stock Photo

"I used to really like chicken, cheese and avocado (with a bit of mayo and pepper). Since going veg I've subbed the chicken for panfried tofu and it's still great," suggested another user.

As a fellow vegetarian, I am very interested in this culinary suggestion and I will be trying it ASAP.

"But the lazy part of me likes the more straightforward cheese and tomato. Especially when the tomato becomes hotter than 10,000 suns and burns your tongue. I never learn."

That unlocked a very visceral memory in my head of my grandma making us post-school jaffles that were approximately 5000 degrees and would scorch holes through our tongues. Delicious.

 EyeEm / Alamy Stock Photo
EyeEm / Alamy Stock Photo

Baked beans and cheese, steak and cheese and bacon and egg were all popular choices, with one user saying they take their jaffle maker everywhere with them in case the urge strikes.

Things also got really loose in the leftover department, with one user suggesting leftover taco mince and cheese with a sour cream dipping sauce, while another said they like to shove in their leftover Chinese takeaway.

Then we took a bit of a turn with the suggestion of pineapple and cheese, which I'm not completely opposed to, but I can't see it being better than tomato, or peanut butter.

Call me uncivilised, call me stuck in my ways, but I will not consider molten peanut butter in bread a jaffle. Ever.

Lastly, one user suggested leftover butter chicken and cheese. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we've found our next culinary genius.

Featured Image Credit: Olekcii Mach / Alamy Stock Photo

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Hannah Blackiston
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