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Australian Parents Avoid Jail For Putting Their Baby Girl On An Extreme Vegan Diet

Australian Parents Avoid Jail For Putting Their Baby Girl On An Extreme Vegan Diet

Two Australian vegan parents have narrowly avoided going to jail for putting their baby daughter on an extreme vegan diet.

The mum and dad, who can't be named for legal reasons, gave their girl coconut water and 'powders', according to News Corp, after she was done with breastfeeding in 2017.

Nursing staff grew concerned about the baby's appearance, with one nurse saying the mixture they were giving to her was not 'nutritionally adequate for an infant'. However, the parents ignored their advice and eventually stopped attending appointments.

They then added fruit to her daily intake, but that was all she was allowed to eat.


When the baby was just one year old, she was rushed to hospital due to malnutrition. Doctors found the girl had bruising and open wounds on her body and her skin was experiencing discolouration.

She required life support and weighed just 6kgs when she was admitted. Thankfully, the medical staff were able to save her life, however revealed she now suffered cerebral palsy as a result of her malnutrition.

Shortly before she was taken to Geelong's emergency department, the girl's father asked an American-based 'herbal' health club for advice and they told him to give her stomach tea to keep her food down.

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Judge Claire Quin told the court that mercy was being exercised while handing down their sentence.

The mum and dad have been ordered to serve a 12-month community corrections order as well as undergo mental health treatment. According to News Corp, the mother wiped tears from her eyes as the sentence was being delivered.

The girl, who is now three years old, is in the care of her mother, who Judge Quin noted has a 'commitment and devotion' to ensuring the toddler is looked after and has a proper nutrition. The mum also is in regular communication and is listening to medical professionals about what is best for her daughter.

Judge Quin told the court: "She [the toddler] faces a difficult and challenging life."


Thankfully, the girl's health and overall condition has improved thanks to a proper diet and managed healthcare.

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