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Bakers Delight Is Giving Away 40,000 Free Cheesymite Scrolls On Tuesday

Bakers Delight Is Giving Away 40,000 Free Cheesymite Scrolls On Tuesday

Bakers Delight are the absolute legends for all your bread, croissants, cakes and other bakery magic.

Their cheesymite scrolls are God tier when it comes to that classic 'you're running late for work but skipped breakfast and you just need something to throw down your gob' situation.

If you haven't had one of these before then you are missing out big time. Essentially, they're just a classic cheesy scroll with Vegemite mixed in through.

Bakers Delight will be slinging out 40,000 of these bad boys next week on Tuesday (September 29) for free.


Yep - you won't have to hand over your hard earned cash for this offer and can walk away with a beautiful cheesy scroll in your hand.

The promotion is to celebrate Bakers Delight turning 40 years old in Australia. Joint CEO Elise Gillespie said it's a massive milestone and they are celebrating with pride.

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"While our presence has continued to grow, seeing the core Gillespie values still filter through each and every store is something we're really proud of," she said.

"Some of our franchisees have been with us since inception, and we've loved fostering a family-supporting-family model.


"Whether it's been a springboard for young Aussies entering the workforce, a ritual pit-stop post Saturday morning sport, or a key centrepiece on Aussie dinner tables, we all have our own personal connection to Bakers Delight. And we couldn't be prouder to be intertwined into the everyday-Australian fabric and so many Aussie lives."

All you have to do to redeem the offer is to mention the big birthday to a staff member on September 29 and you'll get a cheesymite scroll. It's that easy.

It's a bit of a different story in Victoria. Bakers Delight will be giving them out randomly so as to not cause a massive crush.

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