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Bill Shorten Calls Scott Morrison A ‘Simp’ For Not Standing Up To Donald Trump

Bill Shorten Calls Scott Morrison A ‘Simp’ For Not Standing Up To Donald Trump

Former Labor leader Bill Shorten has called Prime Minister Scott Morrison a 'simp' for his approach to dealing with his US counterpart.

Shorten appeared on ABC's Insiders yesterday and was asked about his thoughts on America potentially releasing an Afghan soldier who murdered three Australian troops.

He didn't hold back and launched into a tirade about how Mr Morrison needs to be firmer with Donald Trump and stand up to him when he does things that aren't in Australia's national interest.


Hekmatullah has been in jail for seven years for murdering Lance Corporal Stjepan Milosevic, Sapper James Martin and Private Robert Poate in August 2012. But he could be set to walk free under a new US-Taliban prisoner swap.

Naturally, that's outraged people in Australia and Shorten wants the Prime Minister to push Trump to reconsider.

"If I can put it in really plain English, Mr Morrison needs to make sure that he doesn't look like he's just a Donald Trump, on this very important issue," he said on Insiders.

When asked what a 'simp' means, the now shadow government services minister added 'well, soft'.


The reaction on social media was one of surprise, shock and hilarity from people on both sides of the political spectrum.

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It will be interesting to see whether Morrison hits back at the 'simp' label or whether he'll let it pass to the wayside.


Hekmatullah is one of around 5,000 prisoners who could be about to walk free under the deal between America and the Taliban. The Australian families of the soldiers who were killed by the Afghan have been contacted and informed that their sons' killer could be about to be released.

The ABC reports Hekmatullah is in a group of around 400 'extreme cases' being considered by the Afghan government.

Scott Morrison explained last week that Australia wasn't happy with the deal and that he has written to his US counterpart to see if Hekmatullah can be kept behind bars.

"Hekmatullah was responsible for murdering three Australians, and our position is that he should never be released," Prime Minister Scott Morrison said. "We do not believe that his release adds to peace in this region.


"I can't promise you the outcome we all want here, but it's certainly the outcome we'll continue to press for as hard as we can."

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