Bloke Branded 'Un-Australian' For Getting Southern Cross Tattoo Removed


Bloke Branded 'Un-Australian' For Getting Southern Cross Tattoo Removed

A man has been called 'un-Australian' for getting a tattoo of the Southern Cross removed.

The unnamed bloke was seen sitting in a tattoo removalist chair getting one hell of an inking scrubbed from his back.

Not only did the artwork feature the constellation that has been immortalised on our national flag, but it also included a beverage drinking kangaroo and an emu wearing a hat with corks on the end.

As far as tattoos go, it's pretty goddamn Australian.


But it's this incredible image that's asking many people why you'd want to get it removed. Loads of people were screaming in the comments section that this act was un-Australian.

One person questioned: "What the hell would you get rid of such a good tattoo?"

Another added: "That tattoo is awesome, why get it removed?"


A third quipped: "Why though? One it's the southern cross a piece of our nations flag two that's some great work by the artist."

The laser tattoo removal company responded to one person's question that it was getting taken off to make way for an even bigger design.

Considering the size of the original design, it would have been a pretty rough experience considering tattoo removal apparently feels like getting flicked with a rubber band numerous times over.

Now, if we're talking iconic Australian tattoos, there is one that really springs to mind.



One bloke got a humungous Victoria Bitter design done on his stomach and it was simply *chef's kiss*.

Mika Ryan, who owns Mika Tattoos in Melbourne, Australia, knew he was getting an interesting customer when he saw Darren walk in to his parlour.

He told LADbible: "So I was sitting there after work and this guy walks in saying he's been knocked back by another shop to get a giant VB symbol tattooed on his stomach.


"I said, 'Mate, I'll do it for you, no worries. Just lay down a deposit and I'll book you in.'"

"This dude is a solid 10 Russell Coights. [He] sat there and watched UFC with me while I blasted his guts and punched beers with me.

"[He] didn't make a f**king peep. After the tattoo, I pitched the idea of doing a funny video with it for the lulz. He was down and went and bought more beers... didn't have to twist his arm much clearly."

The pair then worked hard to capture the beauty, the artistry and the thirstiness that are encapsulated in a Victoria Bitter commercial.

Featured Image Credit: SW LASER TATTOO REMOVAL/TikTok

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