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Aussie Bloke Dresses Up As A Kangaroo And Convinces Joey To Hop In His Pouch

Stewart Perrie


Aussie Bloke Dresses Up As A Kangaroo And Convinces Joey To Hop In His Pouch

A bloke has gone viral around the world for his ability to convince a joey he was a real-life kangaroo.

Nicholas Elwin captured the moment his friend came out of his home in Temora, New South Wales dressed as an adult roo.

Sitting on the front yard was a joey who had been rescued from a farm.

The animal looked intimidated as to why there was suddenly a kangaroo exiting a door.


Nick's friend slowly approached the baby roo before kneeling down in front of it and opening his fake pouch.


Fully thinking the adult roo was real, the joey hopped in and looked very content.

The adorable moment has been shared all over Australia and people have been overwhelmed with the touching scene.


One person reacting to the video wrote: "This is incredibly sweet...just a bunch of guys hangin' out."

Another added: "All good and well until the real mum rocks up and is none too happy."

But people might not be as impressed when they realise what is actually on the inside of a real kangaroo pouch.

Generally we're led to believe (by cartoons, mostly) that they're some sort of warm, fluffy sleeping bag for a little joey to hang out in.


It turns out our preconceptions could not be further from the truth - as revealed by a TikTok video from animal vlogger Alexandra Kalin (@azoolife).


Kalin shared footage of what the inside of a kangaroo pouch looks like, and in turn has not only blown people's minds, but also seriously grossed everyone out.

According to San Diego Zoo, there's a lot going on inside the pouch.


The website explains: "Female kangaroos, called does, and their relatives give birth to tiny, underdeveloped young, called joeys, that are then carried in a special pouch - the marsupium, on the doe's body.

"Inside the pouch, the joey attaches to a nipple and nurses for several months before venturing out into the world.

"Joeys often peek their head out of the pouch to have a look around weeks before they head out on their own."

Saying that joeys also eliminate (wee and poo) in the pouch, it continues: "When it is very small, the joey doesn't produce much, and when it gets bigger, some is absorbed through the pouch lining.


"The pouch can get kind of smelly, though, so the mother cleans out her pouch from time to time."

Featured Image Credit: Nicholas Elwin via Storyful

Topics: Australia

Stewart Perrie
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