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Bondi Local Starts Petition To Remove Covid-19 Testing Site To Get His Parking Back

Bondi Local Starts Petition To Remove Covid-19 Testing Site To Get His Parking Back

Dimitri is longing for the days he can park his vehicle in a bay again.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, various places have been transformed into mass public testing sites.

However, one bloke in Sydney's Bondi Beach is complaining that the local testing site set up in the public carpark is annoying and he's campaigning to remove it.

Dimitri Moskovich has set up a petition on to get rid of the testing site because he wants it returned to 'the Residents and Beach goers'.

The petition has been addressed to Ross McLeod, the general manager Waverley Council, and Dimitri suggests he set it up after being pied off by the GM in person.

He wrote: "Parking at The Beach has been our privilege for many many many years, and who are you to just take it away?! We demand our parking Back now!

"I understand, that having limited knowledge of the way things are happening on the beach, could be a handicap in making the right decisions on relocation. I am always available to assist and I have all the solutions."

There have been 460 people sign the petition so far, however not everyone is on board with the campaign.


One person who gave their signature slammed the Bondi local for complaining about a testing site that is trying to uphold public health.

"How precious and greedy are you 'locals' that you would rather be able to drive your car 500m and park instead of supporting everyone in Australia to help manage Covid," they said.

"Pull your head in guys and learn the true meaning of community instead of worrying about yourselves for once. And to do the dude who started this petition... swallow your pride and ego check yourself."

Another said: "Just signing this to say you are a complete W**KER Dimitri. Nobody wants to see an old man wearing speedos FFS."

However Dimitri had some supporters, with one user signing: "The beach should be used for everyone's enjoyment."

A second person added: "Mr. Moskovich is right about this stupid council's decision by placing this infection test station in the middle of very dense area. No one is trying to shut this station, this is just not a place for it, it's very populated area."

Dimirti was famously arrested at Bondi during Sydney's lockdown for breaching social distancing restrictions.

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