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Bunnings Has Pulled An Inflatable Christmas Decoration Because It Wasn't 'Appropriate'

Bunnings Has Pulled An Inflatable Christmas Decoration Because It Wasn't 'Appropriate'

It's hard to believe we are already talking about Christmas because this year feels like it has dragged on longer than anything. But, here we are.

Stores have started selling loads of stuff related to the festive season and hopefully it will give everyone a little pick-me-up after the year we've collectively had.

Bunnings is no stranger to Christmas decorations and they have been selling stuff for weeks now. One of their products gathered quite a bit of attention online because of how intricate and bizarre it was.

It featured Santa holding an axe in one hand and pointing it towards a reindeer that was tied to a spinning block. It harks back to that classic circus stunt where someone throws a bunch of knives or axes towards someone on a spinning board.

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

The inflatable decoration was selling for $129 and stood at an impressive 1.3 metres tall.

However, Bunnings has decided to pull the product from its shelves after it was deemed to be a little bit inappropriate.

Bunnings director of merchandise Phil Bishop told "While we're always looking for unique Christmas items we decided this product wasn't appropriate and we've withdrawn it from sale."

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The decision to remove the product has sparked a fierce debate on social media, with some praising the DIY hardware franchise and others claiming it to be another example of political correctness.

One person wrote on Facebook: "It really doesn't signify Christmas , there's a maniac Santa throwing axes at a dog fixed to a target. Who though this was a good idea to sell when they saw the suppliers catalogue?"

Another added: "For adults, sure it can be fun but my daughter just cried when she saw it and asked why Santa wants to kill his reindeer. I explained it's a trick they do in places like the circus but then got upset because 'Santa could miss and hurt his friends'."

A third user said: "While it is a bit strange, I don't think it's inappropriate. People need to lighten up."


Some shoppers thought the product was very cool because the block of 'wood' that the reindeer is attached to would deflate every so often to signal that the axe had hit the target. However, it seems like enough people have found an issue with it for Bunnings to have it removed.

On the other hand, Bunnings has a bunch of other inflatable decorations for December 25, which include Santa playing the saxophone and riding a shark.

Featured Image Credit: Bunnings

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