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Bunnings Is Bringing Back Its Iconic Warehouse LEGO-Style Set

Bunnings Is Bringing Back Its Iconic Warehouse LEGO-Style Set

Even though it's November, there will be loads of people who will be thinking about Christmas presents.

No doubt some of you will leave it until the last minute to rush around your local shopping centre like a headless chook until you get something mediocre for everyone.

But, if you wanted to get a head start on the gift buying and your loved one fancies a Bunnings snag every now and then, then the perfect present has arrived.

Bunnings has revealed it will be selling its iconic LEGO-style warehouse set again.


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Bunnings Releases Lego-Style Set So You Can Have Your Very Own Warehouse


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They've created a 168-piece building block set (which is kind of like LEGO) that will allow you to build your very own Bunnings.

It comes with a sausage sizzle stand, along with the ability to build the warehouse, a plant nursery, a timber yard and a drive-in area. What more could you possibly want?

The set is being sold at Bunnings exclusively for just $30 - which is a steal if you ask us.

The best thing as well is that it's compatible with LEGO bricks so if you're a tiny bit bored with a simple Bunnings warehouse then you can add on your own style and turn it into a jet plane or ship.

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