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Coronavirus Conspiracy Theorists Meet In Melbourne To Discuss How Not To 'Bow Down To Oppressors'

Coronavirus Conspiracy Theorists Meet In Melbourne To Discuss How Not To 'Bow Down To Oppressors'

The group are apparent 'sovereign citizens' who try to challenge police powers.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

A group of coronavirus conspiracy theorists threw social distancing out the window as they gathered together for a meeting on the weekend.

Despite Victoria setting a new record yesterday for the largest single-day increase in coronavirus cases, with 532 new positive tests and six deaths, these people believe the situation isn't as bad as it seems.

An attendee of the event wrote on Facebook about how the meeting was setup to talk about the mandatory face mask rule and the way police were trying to control the situation.


The person, who we haven chosen not to name, wrote: "A great night together discussing the putrid conduct of the police, government and media lies. We are strong and won't bow down to these oppressors.

"Eve Black thank you for sharing your experience with us and how the Mainstream Media created a work of fiction. With their slanderous narrative to demonise you, a true libertarian.

"God bless the righteous and give them power to prevail."

Eve Black went viral on social media last week when she uploaded a video of her challenging a police officer at a Melbourne checkpoint. The checkpoints are designed to question where people are going and ensure they aren't breaching lockdown restrictions.

Eve Black
Eve Black

But Ms Black hit back when the officer tried to ask her where she was going and said 'Have I committed a crime?' and 'Have I disturbed the peace?'

She was eventually allowed to go through the checkpoint without giving over her personal details.

In addition to the video, the conspiracy theorist wrote on her social media account: "It's a SCAMdemic. You're being taken advantage of by a system designed to fail you. And they've done such a good job, that you don't even see it."

She's thanked people for asking her to attend the event on Sunday at Cranbourne gym, The Combat Athlete.

She said on Facebook: "Thank you for having me there. It was so amazing to be in a room full of people who support and celebrate me during this tough time."

According to News Corp, the group's ideology aligns with the 'sovereign citizens' movement, who use the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act to challenge police powers.

But Victorian Police have warned they will use whatever powers they have in their arsenal to ensure people comply with the new rules designed to stop the spread of the coronavirus in the state.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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