Dad Gets Cancelled For Refusing To Teach His Daughter How To Open A Can Of Beans

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Dad Gets Cancelled For Refusing To Teach His Daughter How To Open A Can Of Beans

We're less than a week into 2021 and social media has already found their first person to cancel.

John Roderick posted on Twitter a moment he thought would be a fun, 'food for thought' attention grabber.

The musician, writer, podcaster, and politician, who has now been nicknamed 'Bean Dad', explained how his nine-year-old daughter was hungry and wanted a can of beans.

Because of her young age, she politely asked her dad to open it for her and help her cook it up.


In what was a 23-post rant on Twitter, Roderick explained how he wanted this to be a 'teaching moment' for his young child and wanted her to learn how to do it herself.

He refused to teach her how to use a can opener and told her to use her nine-year-old brain to work it out.

In one of the tweets, he wrote: "I said, 'The little device is designed to do one thing: open cans. Study the parts, study the can, figure out what the can-opener inventor was thinking when they tried to solve this problem.


"I went back to my jigsaw puzzle. She was next to me grunting and groaning trying to get the thing. I should say that spatial orientation, process visualization and order of operation are not things she... intuits. I knew this would be a challenge. But it was a rainy weekend."

He explained how his daughter spent an agonising six hours trying to work it all out.

At one point he explained how the can was dented and that she didn't like baked beans enough to work so hard to eat them.

In a later tweet, Bean Dad said: "Eventually she collapsed in a frustrated heap...She said, 'I hate you.' I'm sure she believes that she does. I said, 'You understand everything except how the tool addresses the can.


"She was fixated on orienting the tool in a few configurations and couldn't imagine other possibilities. I compared the can opener to other tools. By now we were working on anger-management and perseverance too. She suggested she open the can with a hammer. There were tears."

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

She eventually managed to get the can open and Roderick said she then wanted to open 'every f***ing can in the house'.

Sure enough, people thought the dad's teaching methods weren't great and he copped an almighty torrent of abuse.


One user said: "The Bean Dad story is ridiculous. He should have just FED her, and THEN showed her how to use a damn can opener instead of leaving her hungry for six hours."

Another added: "That's abusive. She's 9 years old, and some of us don't learn very well when we're hungry, regardless of age. Jeez."

The hate was so strong that people dug into Roderick's Twitter and unearthed some old tweets of his that used racist, anti-Semitic, and transphobic language and jokes.

His Twitter account has now been deleted following the revelation and a podcast that used one of his songs has revealed they will be using a different intro.

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