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Daniel Andrews Says The State Of Emergency Extension Isn't An Extension Of Lockdown

Daniel Andrews Says The State Of Emergency Extension Isn't An Extension Of Lockdown

The Victorian Premier says it's simply to allow certain health protocols to continue to protect citizens.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has copped a lot of criticism and outcry after he said his government was seeking a 12 month extension on the current State of Emergency.

It was due to expire next month, however authorities say the second wave of coronavirus infections isn't over yet and they need to extend the declaration to allow them to keep certain health protocols in place.

That extension will require his government to change the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008, promptly loads of critics to slam him for trying to alter the rules. Many also were worried that the State of Emergency going for another 12 months meant that Stage 4 restrictions would go for the same time frame.

However, Mr Andrews has clarified what the extension means.

"This is not in relation to curfews. This is not in relation to Stage 4," he said at today's press conference.

"These are many of the rules that we have had to become particularly familiar with, and they're the sorts of rules that will be here, potentially, for a long time. Keeping your distance, washing your hands, staying in your own home if you've got this virus."

Mr Andrews said the State of Emergency is kind of like an insurance policy.

"We hope we don't have to make a claim against it," he said. "The extension just brings us into line - in fact, still has us, I think, in a preferred position to many states.

"Other states are able to extend and extend and extend further. They don't have any limits. We - under these arrangements - will simply continue the existing set of tools, if you like - the practical tools that we can draw on - based on the best of medical advice."

In relation to the Stage 4 restrictions, the Premier said he will await to see what the health advice suggests in a few weeks when the declaration was meant to end. There were 116 new cases announced on Monday, giving hope the days of 700+ new infections were behind Victoria.

Time will tell to see if the state is through the worst of the second wave and will allow authorities to slowly roll back social distancing restrictions if and when the time is right.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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