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Doctor Says Aussies Who Refuse Covid-19 Vaccine Should Be Banned From Travelling

Doctor Says Aussies Who Refuse Covid-19 Vaccine Should Be Banned From Travelling

There are calls to also have JobKeeper recipients kicked off the subsidy if they refuse to get vaccinated.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

With news Australia was on track to secure tens of millions of a potential coronavirus vaccine, concerns have been raised about its uptake.

The Australian government has submitted a Letter of Intent to UK pharmaceuticals company AstraZeneca to bring Oxford University's vaccine to Australia when trials show it's effective in eliminating Covid-19.

Loads of people have hit back saying they don't want to have the jab, however it won't work unless there is a massive uptake in vaccinations.

Biomedical scientist Dr Zac Turner said in an op-ed for News Corp: "To achieve 'herd immunity' and completely eradicate the transmission of Covid-19, Australia would need about 80 to 95 per cent of its population vaccinated, which in reality may take up until late next year.


"Once a vaccine is approved for general use, it will take a minimum of three to six months for it to be made available to the entire population of Australia. During this time, it could be difficult for authorities to determine who is an anti-vaxxer versus somebody who is yet to be offered the vaccine.

"The government should consider updating the current 'yellow fever vaccination passport' issued to Australians who receive vaccinations before visiting high risk countries. These could easily be turned into electronic vaccine cards and offered to each Australian."

The yellow fever vaccination passport helps authorities know whether incoming arrivals or outgoing Aussies have received the jab for the disease.

While people from yellow fever hotspot countries are allowed to come into the country if they don't have the vaccination, there are other places in the world that will refuse entry.

Dr Turner told Daily Mail Australia that people who refuse to get the coronavirus vaccine could be banned from travelling interstate or internationally, but also they could be stopped from entering places like shopping centres or other high-risk areas.


"There will be strict bans on anyone who hasn't had the vaccine from going into places where there's vulnerable people," he said.

The Australian government has ruled out making the vaccine mandatory for Australians without a medical exemption. It will instead strongly encourage everyone to get it so that we can eliminate it from the country.

There have been calls for the government to kick JobKeeper recipients off the subsidy if they refuse to get the vaccine. Health Minister Greg Hunt distanced himself from that campaign, however didn't fully rule it out.

In an interview with Sunrise, Mr Hunt said: "Our first goal is to encourage as many Australians as possible.

"And I'm confident that with a vaccine that can save lives and protect lives, and give people hope and give people their freedom back...that a very large number of Australians will take it up.

"[But] we reserve the right, subject to medical advice, to take steps that might assist."

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