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Dog Named Wesley Is Running For Local Council In Melbourne

Dog Named Wesley Is Running For Local Council In Melbourne

A local government election is heating up in Victoria as candidates pledge what they plan to do for the area.

People living in the Glen Eira City Council will cast their ballots this month to determine who will serve the best interests of the area and they have some good candidates to choose from.

But they all have a lot to live up to after a late challenger threw their hat into the race: a dog named Wesley.


The adorable pooch is a candidate for Tucker Ward and he's gathered dozens of followers on social media as he lays out his plan for the region.

Wesley's owner wrote on Reddit: "Council elections have started, so like any sane person I made a campaign for my dog."

Wesley has made a bunch of commitments if he's elected into local government, which includes keeping vets open 24/7, banning cloudy days (who wants one of those?), and free dog treat dispensers in all parks in the area.

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"We give out free water and free bags so it is only logical we give out free treats for good boys and girls. Do my fellow candidates have the guts to take this pledge," he wrote.


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"There is nothing I like more than the sun so it is sad to not see it the last three days, so one of the first things I will do is to make sure the sun is out every single day. I do not know how to do this yet but I would love to hear your ideas."

His other radical plans would be to drastically expand parks in the region, ban cats (duh) and be allowed on the bed at any time.

It's a bold strategy and one that will probably divide voters right down the middle. While there will be some progressive owners who understand a dog's desire of being on a bed, the more conservative residents won't stand for it.

Wesley is even campaigning to install a beach in the area to allow everyone, including animals, to have a swim on a hot day.


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Featured Image Credit: Wesley - Candidate for Tucker Ward/Facebook

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