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Donald Trump Shares ‘Real’ Election Results Map

Donald Trump Shares ‘Real’ Election Results Map

The US President is seething that while he comfortably won more counties that Joe Biden, he still lost.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Donald Trump has shared an image of the 2020 US Election results that you might not have seen before.

The US President retweeted the map from conservative radio host Kevin McCullough that shows North America bathed in red - but when you understand the context, the graphic is not all it appears.

If you looked at this from far away, you would have thought Trump crushed this year's ballot.


However, a closer look will reveal this is a map of all the counties the Republican candidate won on November 3.

McCullough said of the map: "Biden supporters seem to be really losing their minds at how angry they get when you tell them that Biden 'won' only 16% of the counties. They get even angry about that, than the fact that they are all supporting a cheater-who's ok with the cheating."

Trump's retweet of the image shows his approval and agreement that the election was rigged - a claim that has yet to be backed up with any substantial or widespread evidence. Twitter even flagged the post as 'disputed'.

The reality is that this map is technically correct. Trump did win all those counties in the 2020 ballot and some conservatives have been using the map as an example of why more investigation needs to happen in the election.

However, when you look at the population of each county and tally it up, you'll see why Biden was declared the winner.

According to News Corp, an example was made how Trump won Loving County in Texas, where just 64 people voted, while Biden won California's Los Angeles County, where a whopping 4,174,415 people voted.


While Trump certainly won more counties, Biden won the ones that had a significant population. That would explain why he received more votes than any other presidential candidate in US history with more than 80 million ballots lodged.

The President-elect also managed to win the all-crucial electoral college vote, which confirmed he won 306 electoral votes, compared to Trump's 232.

It isn't an anomaly to have the winner of the presidential election carry so few counties compared to their rival.

Barack Obama won just 873 counties in 2008 and yet still beat Republican John McCain in a landslide with 9.5 million more votes than his rival. Conversely, Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 and won 2,497 counties.

So, conservatives should stop looking at county results as a reason to question the election integrity and start looking at national votes and the electoral college.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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