Hundreds Say They'll Attend 'Egg Throwing Contest' On Same Day As Margaret Thatcher Statue Is Unveiled

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Hundreds Say They'll Attend 'Egg Throwing Contest' On Same Day As Margaret Thatcher Statue Is Unveiled

A large sculpture of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is set to be unveiled next year.

The monument to the Iron Lady has already attracted controversy for Kesteven District Council's plan to spend £100,000 on unveiling it in Grantham town centre, where the PM grew up.

However, there could also be a bunch of gatecrashers to the event if Facebook is anything to go off.

A separate event has been set up on the same day and same location as the big unveiling and it's an 'Egg Throwing Contest'.

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

Around 1,700 people have clicked attending and there are a further 9,800 who are interested in the contest at the time of writing. It's set to coincide with the state's unveiling in Grantham on February 28.

The organiser of the event said: "Bois and girls and me non binarys, we out here holding contest for egg throwing, lassos throwing, and potentially graffiti art.

"Where are we doing this you might ask, well in the wonderful city of Grantham, and we have a special target being made currently, a beautiful statue of the Iron Lady, now it's a family friendly event so please be respectful and pick up ya litter.


"Not sure on the unvaling [sic] of the statue but will change the date accordingly."

Authorities have already been wary of the threat of vandalism on the statue of Thatcher and have planned to place it on a 10-foot high plinth. It's hoped that will stop easy attacks on the monument to the first female British Prime Minister.

However, as protests earlier this year proved, a high plinth doesn't always stop people.



Protestors at the Black Lives Matter gathering in Bristol tore down the statue of 17th Century slave trader Edward Colston back in June.

Demonstrators attached ropes to the statue and pulled it from its plinth to cheers from the crowd. Once the statue was down, people began jumping and stamping on the monument, which has stood in the city since 1895.

The statue was then thrown into the harbour. The statue has been a controversial topic in Bristol for some time, with many people believing that it should be removed.

While there are worries the Thatcher statue could be victim to vandalism, the council is hoping it will help the community.


A council report said: "The statue is expected to attract many visitors to the area which will increase Grantham and South Kesteven's status as a destination for tourism with the associated benefits that brings.

"An increase in visitor numbers to the area will boost the local economy and benefit our local shops and businesses."

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