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Fans Are Being Kicked Out Of The MCG During The Ashes For Skolling Beer

Fans Are Being Kicked Out Of The MCG During The Ashes For Skolling Beer

Aussies have slammed the Melbourne Cricket Ground for the 'un-Australian' rule that is also threatening beer snakes.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Aussies have slammed the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) after it was revealed several fans were ejected for skolling beer.

It's become a famous tradition during the annual tests against England to knock back a few frothies and also collect beer cups that become so long that they extend across several rows in the stands.

Hell, even the late Bob Hawke, a former Australian Prime Minister, loved to down a beer at the cricket to the cheers of everyone around him.

However, it appears the MCG has had enough and has started ejecting people who take part in these incredible traditions.

The Herald Sun said there was a 'steady stream of spectators being plucked out of the crowd by yellow shirts' for 'downing their beers' while people around them chanted to 'skol, skol, skol'.

The Victorian newspaper claims Section 84 of the Major Sporting Events act allows MCG staff to ban revellers for 24 hours if they're caught drinking inappropriately.

Unsurprisingly, the rules have been called 'un-Australian'.

Nathan told the Herald he was booted out for enjoying a quick beer and was surprised by how fast authorities pounced on him.

"[The police] just said MCC rules, not our fault, we've got to throw you out. Blame it on peer pressure, not me," he said.

The Herald added that the same hardened approach has been used to dissuade people from collecting beer snakes and even bouncing beach balls.


These two aspects are part of watching The Ashes and have been a part of cricket games in Australia for years.

The rule is backed up by Victoria Police, who issued a statement to Perth Now stating: "Sculling of alcohol is associated with intoxication and disruptive behaviour, which can lead to other public order issues.

"We have a strong focus on the responsible consumption of alcohol to ensure all patrons are able to enjoy the cricket safely."

It's a far cry away from what happened during the Second Test in Adelaide where a bloke managed to skol not one, not two, but three beers in succession.

On Day 4 of the Second Test, the bloke was seen bringing a tray of beers back to his seat and eventually gave into peer pressure when the crowd in front of him call for him to skol.

After dropping the empty cup into the bin, he was greeted by more chants to knock back the second one.

Clearly egged on by his newfound fame, he didn't need much persuading to finish the third beer in stunning fashion.

It was dubbed 'the most Australian minute of video you'll ever see', which says a lot about the Melbourne Cricket Ground and their rules.

Featured Image Credit: Action Plus Sports/Alamy Live News

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