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First Aussie To Get Covid-19 Vaccine Accidentally Flips The V In Front Of Scott Morrison

First Aussie To Get Covid-19 Vaccine Accidentally Flips The V In Front Of Scott Morrison

The Prime Minister wanted Jane to say V for vaccine, but she ended up saying something very different.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

An aged care resident named Jane Malysiak has become the first person to get the coronavirus vaccine in Australia.

The 84-year-old got the jab in front of a throng of cameras and journalists, and had Prime Minister Scott Morrison by her side.

Once the healthcare worker completed the vaccination, Mr Morrison encouraged Jane to put the peace sign up in front of the photographers and say V for vaccine.

Everything was going swimmingly until Jane switched the position of her hands and ended up saying something completely different.

The V sign with your palm facing outwards means peace, or vaccine in this situation, however flip them around and it essentially means 'f*** you'.

Scott Morrison leapt at Jane to reverse her hands as quickly as possible and everyone burst out laughing at the minor slip up on the national stage.

Sky News Australia

Jane didn't appear to get the joke, but it seems she was thrilled to be the first of millions of Aussies to get the coronavirus vaccine.

The Prime Minister is hoping as many people as possible get vaccinated against the pandemic in the coming weeks and months.

He, along with Australia's Chief Health Officer Professor Paul Kelly, and Chief Nursing Officer Professor Alison McMillan, were among a small group of people who received the vaccine yesterday at a medical centre in Sydney.

Mr Kelly said: "I encourage all Australians when your turn comes, as some of us have been privileged enough to do today, to take that opportunity to line up and get one of those vaccines that's going to protect you, your families, and the whole of Australia."


The vaccine rollout will officially begin today across Australia and the Prime Minister is hoping it marks a new era in the fight against the pandemic.

The jab could soon end issues with crossing state and territory borders in the future if there's an outbreak of Covid-19 in the community.

Mr Morrison said: "This changes how we manage the risk of COVID going forward. This today is the beginning of a big game-changer.

"Its successful rollout will only further reduce the risk, and when you reduce the risk, then obviously you do not need more blunt and extreme measures in order to deal with COVID."

There will be more than 30,000 people in aged care homes across Australia vaccinated from today. Nurses will also today hand out 50,000 vaccines for border, quarantine and frontline health workers.

It's hoped authorities will be able to vaccinate 600,000 people over the next six weeks.

Featured Image Credit: Sky News Australia

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