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First Needle-Free Coronavirus Vaccine Trial Set To Start In Australia

First Needle-Free Coronavirus Vaccine Trial Set To Start In Australia

Labs all around the worlds are racing to find the first vaccine for the coronavirus. There are loads of places that are getting tantalisingly close to but we're still a little far off.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of trials going on and Australia is no stranger to this process.

But it is about to launch the first trial into a vaccine that gets administered to the body without a needle.

Sydney University is looking for 150 people to see how the PharmaJet device works on giving out a potential Covid-19 vaccine.


The Australian government has pledged $3 million to help the trial come to fruition.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said about the funding boost: "Our Government continues to invest in medical research to supercharge the development of promising vaccines to save lives and protect lives."

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If the trial is successful, it could pave the way for a pain-free vaccine.

The machine works by injecting a jet of air into the body instead of sticking a needle into your muscle. Plenty of people freak out about needles and it's not hard to see why. This could help these people who would rather stay inside all day than get a jab to the arm.


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Dr Ginni Mansberg told Channel 7's Sunrise prorgramme about how the PharmaJet actually works.

"You feel a jet that is as thin as a hair that goes directly into the skin," he explained. "It goes directly into the skin, which is the body's biggest immune system organ, and we think skin-delivered vaccines have the potential to do better."

It's not known how long the trial will take to complete however it will be key in furthering the research needed to produce an efficient, safe and effective coronavirus vaccine.

The sooner we get this vaccine the sooner we can say goodbye to the coronavirus pandemic.

Featured Image Credit: PharmaJet

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