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M&M's Are Finally Bringing Its Pretzel Flavour To Australia

M&M's Are Finally Bringing Its Pretzel Flavour To Australia

They'll be in our supermarkets from next week.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

There is probably an endless amount of ways to celebrate World Chocolate Day.

You could drizzle it all over your breakfast, munch down on your favourite block of choccy, or create a life-sized version of yourself with every flavour imaginable. Or, you could chow down on a new flavour of M&M's that haven't made their way to Australia just yet.

Well, you're in luck if you chose that last option.


The company has revealed that to celebrate World Chocolate Day, they will be bringing their famed pretzel flavour Down Under.

Mars Wrigley Australia is investing in new equipment to make these new M&M's in regional Victoria, meaning they will be home grown for your delight.

Andrew Leakey, Mars Wrigley Australia General Manager, said: "We are dedicated to continuing to support Australia's manufacturing sector and invest and innovate in infrastructure, equipment and processes at our local factories to ensure they remain world class.

"This latest project is part of our longterm ambition to continue to drive and develop our core bitesize brands that we manufacture locally in Ballarat.


"We are thrilled to be introducing a new variant into our bitesize portfolio with our locally produced M&M'S Pretzel for chocolate lovers in Australia to enjoy."

They'll be schwinging into Coles supermarkets across Australia from next week (July 13) before you'll be able to bag them up by the dozen in Woolworths on July 28.

The Ballarat factory currently has the capacity to produce more than five billion M&M's every single year, so hopefully the demand isn't larger than their capacity.

Featured Image Credit: Supplied

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