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You Can Now Buy Bubble O'Bill And Paddle Pop Ice Cream By The Tub In Australia

You Can Now Buy Bubble O'Bill And Paddle Pop Ice Cream By The Tub In Australia

Inject this into our veins

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Paddle Pop and Bubble O'Bill Ice Cream are regarded as having legendary status for some people in Australia - a time-honoured favourite to tuck into when you go to the servo.

But sometimes, there's just not enough ice cream on the stick and you're left wanting more.

Well, if you have sometimes had to buy two or three just to satisfy your cravings, then do we have a product for you. Ritchies Merbein IGA in Victoria uploaded something that will shock you to your core: 1L Bubble O'Bill and Rainbow Paddle Pop ice cream tubs.

They'll set you back $8.35 per tub, which is hardly a bad price when it means you can be digging out delicious ice cream by the spoonful.

After the store posted the news to Facebook, people have been going wild for it.

One person said: "My oh my! I have always said they needed Bubble o Bills in a multi pack. A tub will do just nicely."

Another added: "My whole family in a frenzy over rainbow paddle pop tubs. Mmmm"

A third wrote: "When, where and how do I get my hands on these babies oh yummmmmmm."

The big question is whether there will still be chewing gum contained somewhere inside the Bubble O'Bill ice cream.

Featured Image Credit: Ritchies Merbein/Facebook

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