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Gordon's Has Released An Alcohol-Free Version Of Its Famous Gin

Gordon's Has Released An Alcohol-Free Version Of Its Famous Gin

If you're gagging for a G&T without the eventual emotional meltdown, this is perfect.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Gin has a bad reputation for some people who claim that a mere sip of the devil's juice will send them on an emotional rollercoaster.

Drinkers will swear a gin and tonic will put them over the edge with tears or anger or both, despite there being not much evidence to back it up.

Well, if you're in that category but still long for the bittersweet taste of a G&T then you'll love Gordon's alcohol-free version of its famous gin.

The new offering has a 'bold, juniper-led character' and will also be perfect for people who have to drive or are avoiding alcohol over the silly season.

Anita Robinson, marketing director Diageo GB, said: "Our expert innovation team at Gordon's has combined years of expertise and historic gin distilling knowledge to create a credible alcohol-free experience.


"Gordon's 0.0% is created by distilling the same botanicals used in Gordon's London Dry Gin. These botanicals are individually immersed in water, heated and then distilled before being expertly blended together to capture the essence of Gordon's in a delicious alcohol-free alternative.

"This special distillation process is a closely guarded secret, known only to a handful of people and we are incredibly proud to be bringing gin drinkers that juniper-led taste they're expecting from Gordon's when they choose not to drink alcohol."

At the moment, it appears it's only available in the UK and has hit Tesco supermarkets at £14 each. They'll eventually get into other retailers from January 3.

Loads of breweries are tapping into the alcohol-free market at the moment, with some of the biggest brands trying to attract those who are staying off the booze but still want a 'drink'.

Guinness recently launched an alcohol-free stout, offering the 'beautifully smooth taste, perfectly balanced flavour and unique dark colour of Guinness' without the hangover.


Guinness 0.0 has been four-years in the making and promises to deliver the same 'distinct character and taste of Guinness'.

Brewers at St. James's Gate, the home of Guinness, made the new beer using the same ingredients - water, barley, hops and yeast - and method as your usual Guinness, before the alcohol is 'gently removed' via a cold filtration process

According to a press release from Guinness's parent company Diageo, the filtration process 'allows the alcohol to be filtered out without presenting thermal stress to the beer, protecting the integrity of its taste and character'.

The resulting product is said to taste exactly like its alcoholic counterpart 'featuring the same dark, ruby red liquid and creamy head, hints of chocolate and coffee, smoothly balanced with bitter, sweet and roasted notes'.

And for those who care, the new beer is also low-calorie, with a standard 440ml can coming in at just 70cal.

Featured Image Credit: Diageo

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