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Australian Government Slammed For Confusing Consent Video Aimed At School Students


Australian Government Slammed For Confusing Consent Video Aimed At School Students

The Australian government has unveiled an official video it wants to show school students to educate them about consent.


The 'Moving The Line' clip is a wild ride, to say the least. You can view the whole seven-minute clip here.

In an effort to explain how people of all ages should respect the boundaries of others, the government thought an analogy of milkshakes would do the trick.


Viewers can see a man and woman sit down with two milkshakes. The woman asks if the man wants to try her drink and he says yes, but likes his own more than hers.

For some reason, the woman gets super offended by the remark and proceeds to take out a chunk of ice cream from her milkshake and smooshes it into his confused face.

Credit: The Good Society
Credit: The Good Society

A voiceover tries to use that as an example of how people should respect other's wishes and not 'move the line' of what is acceptable.


It also tries to use getting a pizza as another analogy of consent, however there's so much happening on the screen that it's hard to keep up with how it relates to the issue of sexual consent and what young boys and girls should do in sexual scenarios, not what they're thinking of eating for dinner.

There are other bits to the video, including a bit about how tacos can't given consent because they're inanimate objects and a woman being worried about swimming with sharks.

After being released, it's been absolutely savaged on social media.


One person reacting to the video said on Twitter: Like something out of the 1950's! Who on earth is responsible for this out-of-touch crap?? Looks like a school holiday project video made by a Pentecostal youth group!"

End Rape on Campus Australia's Karen Willis told news.com.au students shouldn't be given analogies when discussing sexual assault; it should be plain and simple.


"Young people are more sophisticated than this content gives them credit for. And sex and consent is far more complicated than videos about milkshakes and sharks at the beach," Ms Willis said.

"These resources fall well short of the national standards, and what experts know is needed to actually change behaviours and prevent abuse."

The group's founder Sharna Bremner added the video fails to cater for students who might have already experienced sexual assault.

"We know that in classrooms of senior students, there will be many who have already experienced rape," she said.


"This resource fails to properly consider there may be a survivor in the classroom, and even includes inaccurate and inadequate information on avenues for support and reporting."

Featured Image Credit: The Good Society

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Stewart Perrie
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