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Hundreds Turn Up For Midnight Memorial For Iconic Sydney Flute-Playing Kebab Shop Worker

Hundreds Turn Up For Midnight Memorial For Iconic Sydney Flute-Playing Kebab Shop Worker

Mario would serenade customers while they waited for their food.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

For anyone who has walked The Corso at Sydney's Manly Beach and has been itching for a kebab, chances are you already know of Mario Geklik.

The kebab shop worker is a local icon for his flute-playing antics at all hours of the night and would regularly feature in people's social media feeds.

His schtick was essentially serenading people on their way home or way out as they waited for their kebabs.

Sadly, Mario recently died at the age of 61 after a lengthy battle with cancer.

To honour the legend, Manly Seaside Kebabs decided to host a midnight memorial over the weekend to pay tribute to the man who had worked with them for more than 20 years.

It wasn't known how many people would turn up to pay their respects to Mario but it's safe to say it was an overwhelming response.

7News claims there were hundreds who rocked up to the iconic kebab shop as the clock struck midnight and everyone was able to say goodbye to the man who made their nights out a little bit more special.

When news circulated of Mario's death last week, there was a huge outpouring of support on social media.

Mario's boss and Manly Seaside Kebabs owner Memet Arslan told The Manly Daily: "Mario never held a grudge and he would put a smile on anyone's face.

"He had a gift to make people smile. He would play a song on the flute and make you a kebab and you would be the happiest person in the world.

"His heart was so pure. That's why the people of Manly adored him."

Mario was described as the type of person who would ask all his colleagues what they wanted when he'd step out for coffee and wouldn't ever ask for money.

The legend's son, Eren, is now working his dad's night shift slot and knows how to play saxophone. He might bring it in one night and see if he can keep his father's legacy alive.

In the meantime, Manly Seaside Kebabs has unveiled a portrait of Mario to be hanged somewhere in the shop. They have also framed his iconic flute so that everyone who comes in for a feed will be reminded of his impact.

Featured Image Credit: Manly Seaside Kebabs/Instagram

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