Jacinda Ardern Says It's 'Too Soon' For Movie To Be Made About Christchurch Terror Attack


Jacinda Ardern Says It's 'Too Soon' For Movie To Be Made About Christchurch Terror Attack

Jacinda Ardern believes it's a little too soon for a movie to be made about the 2019 Christchurch terror attack.

Late last week it was revealed Aussie actor Rose Byrne has been cast to play the Kiwi Prime Minister.

They Are Us has been written and will be directed by Kiwi Andrew Niccol and is produced by Ayman Jamal, Stewart Till, Niccol and Philippa Campbell.

It will dive into the aftermath of March 15 where 51 people were massacred by Brenton Harrison Tarrant when he stormed two mosques during their daily prayer.


Loaded with seven weapons, Tarrant live streamed his attack on social media and carried out New Zealand's worst mass shooting in history.

It will centre on Ms Ardern's efforts to heal a broken nation and her successful bid to ban assault weapons.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

But after news of the movie broke, there was swift condemnation against it.


Speaking to TVNZ, the Prime Minister said: "In my view, which is a personal view, it feels very soon and very raw for New Zealand.

"And while there are so many stories that should be told at some point, I don't consider mine to be one of them - they are the community's stories, the families' ­stories."

A petition has been launched online to get the movie cancelled and there are already 64,000 signatures supporting the campaign.

The National Islamic Youth Association started the petition and has claimed the Muslim community hasn't been properly consulted with.


The campaign states: "We, the undersigned, call for the following actions to ensure the film They Are Us does not go ahead, as it side-lines the victims and survivors and instead centres the response of a white woman."

"The film centres white voices and therefore will continue to white-wash the horrific violence perpetrated against Muslim communities.

"It is also inappropriate that the film appears to center PM Jacinda Ardern, a white woman.

"She received praise in the wake of the attacks but there are ongoing issues with the Government's response, including that witnesses who were not physically injured cannot access mental health support through ACC, and the lack of urgency changing hate speech laws."


The petition has asked Ms Ardern to issue a statement that condemns the project and calls on people around New Zealand to not let film crews into areas to shoot their scenes.

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